Bird is the Word

  Graffiti sometimes ruffles a few feathers, but never have we seen it done with such style as this piece by LA based artist VYAL. Andy Appleton for Maximillian Gallery … [Read more...]

Art on the Move

  This piece by renowned graffiti artist Cypher takes art to a whole new level, infact to any level that 4 wheels can take it. Luckily for us that we were able to catch it stationary!  Andy Appleton for Maximillian Gallery … [Read more...]

What’s On That Wall?

This piece by graffiti artist Kalm, adorns a huge warehouse in downtown Los Angeles, at the end part of a huge Mural by various other artists. The reason this piece struck us, is the uncanny way the spider has been sprayed onto the skull's eye, making it literally pop off the wall, at first glance we thought it was real!  We suggest anyone with … [Read more...]

City of Angels

Graffiti artist K2S pays homage to LA with this piece downtown, or he pays homage to the abundance of beautiful women who live here! Either way, this is a great example of old school graffiti from a very talented guy. Andy Appleton for Maximillian Gallery … [Read more...]

Jesus loves his iPhone

Many people ask themselves "What would Jesus do?" ...well, according to street artists Dabs & Myla, if he lived in California he would chill out on the beach in his Ray Bans sipping on a cocktail whilst he tweets on his iPhone... this incredible piece is simply beyond genius! Andy Appleton for Maximillian Gallery … [Read more...]

Everything is Green

Apparently it's not only captain Kirk that likes green women, so does LA based graffiti artist Asylm! This piece was found just outside the Arts District downtown and is a great example of his can skills, one thing we also like about this piece is that if you look at the tree in the background, it seems to be blooming with spray caps! Andy Appleton for Maximillian Gallery … [Read more...]

A Face for Fashion?

Another Gregos piece has been located in LA! This one is on Melrose nestled in between a few boutiques & stores, we must have walked past it a few times before it was spotted. Either way, another great find from this superb new street artist. Andy Appleton for Maximillian Gallery … [Read more...]

Spray Paint 1961

Source: via Consumer Reports on Pinterest In 1961 Consumer Reports reviewed spray paint. This was the start of something big for the art world, leading to the explosion of graffiti art on the streets.  We came across this image on Pinterest and thought it was a cool look-back in time to a pivotal moment.  … [Read more...]

Funky Koi

This aquatic piece was captured just off 1st street in Downtown LA & is part of a pretty impressive Asian inspired wall. This is rather funky Koi Carp (which is about 9 ft high) was created by Dash2000 & Nuke. Andy Appleton for Maximillian Gallery … [Read more...]

Gregos in Venice

If you have been following the blog, you will know that we discovered a new street artist called 'Gregos' who has been attaching decorated faces to various walls all around LA. Well, here is another design that I found recently down at Venice Beach (which as also been superbly placed next to a Kristel Lerman piece!) As promised, the hunt is always on to find more work by this exciting … [Read more...]

It’s Gangsta Yo!

From DTLA to the 213, this straight-up graffiti piece is by LA's own K2S, it also features the combined skills of Cale, BAMC & Dash. Andy Appleton for Maximillian Gallery … [Read more...]

Park here.

  I found this wonderful piece in downtown LA, it's just one of the many that decorate the numerous parking lots in the Arts District. The artist involved in this amazing creation is Asylum... parking your car has never been so beautiful! Andy Appleton for Maximillian Gallery … [Read more...]