New Urban Voices – Exhibition

Maximillian Gallery at The Sunset Marquis Hotel is pleased to present New Urban Voices.

"Zoot Cat" By DD$ Acrylic and Oil on CanvasThe Exhibition features: CYRCLE, Dog Byte, DD$, Smear, Blinky, Septerhed, DeeKay, Gregory Siff, Andy Appleton, Free Humanity, Andrea LaHue,Tazroc, Gregos, Birdman, CantStopGoodBoy, 2wenty, and Steven Swimmer.


Saturday, March 31st, from 6PM to 8PM

Exhibition will run daily from 1PM to 8PM and by appointment.

This exhibition features some of the most original, prolific, and talented urban and street artists from LA and beyond. These artists harness the raw energy of contemporary culture that is the center of the street art movement. All were curated for the New Urban Voices exhibition.

“Maximillian Gallery is committed to showcasing exciting emerging urban art,” says Caradoc, Owner & Director of Maximillian Gallery. “In this show, the art community and collectors alike are drawn together to experience the best of urban and street art.”

Maximillian Gallery at The Sunset Marquis Hotel is located at 1200 Alta Loma Road in West Hollywood, California.

View the Press Release.


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